Z track plan

Z track plan

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!!


Heya, sorry for the long absence but many things going on and modeling is part of it!

BIG NEWS, the bridges are in, the bridges are in, they arrived last week and I must admit, the Kibri bridge is what I expected and the MBZ one is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, for the money it cost and the 4 1/2 month wait, never again but it is in the plan and its here, so I'll use it.

Any ways, I have started a second Z scale layout on the computer but that will get mothballed for the time being.

I have however been working on an N scale layout, inspired by Trainfest 2011, all but 1 item I had in the house, other then the base. so a very inexpensive project! The one thing I did buy was a backdrop, never used one before and will all ways use them now!

I purchased it from Dave Burgess who owns Backdrop Junction; www.backdropjunction.com, as for me, I'll never buy a backdrop from any one else and NO he does not know I'm writing this!

His web site does not include any Z scale backdrops but he is willing and ready to resize one for you, he told me so in one of the many emails we exchanged.

Take a peak, I know its N scale but still its awesome.

OK, back to Z, did I tell you that the round houses came in and have been built? I got 2 of them from N Scale Architect, nice stuff! I also did receive the MTL Lighthouse, before Trainfest. I did have a chance to see the completed model at MTL's booth and from that completed model, I'm thinking MTL needs to resharpen there pencil and double check the measurements. Same great quality I, we have come to expect from MTL but its HUGE, I asked the MTL guys at the show if was N scale and they assured it me it is Z, my blog, my comments, my thoughts. LOL

I know there is tons more to tell you all but it just doesn't come to mind right now.

So everyone, a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday to you all and here's to a Great 2012!

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