Z track plan

Z track plan

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tying up Lose Ends

Nothing big to write about; one of those house cleaning type of weeks. I did receive a goodie box from the guys at BLW (Brooklyn Locomotive Works). Pete and his brother Paul and no they don’t have a sister Mary, I asked, have been incredibly helpful. They’re main business is N scale but they carry the MTL Z scale stuff.
So in the goodie box was some N scale stuff and the new MTL Wood Reefers, along with the MTL runner pack of GN coachs, the single GN passenger cars and some CN freight cars. All I can say is WOW, are these reefers handsome, beautifully detailed as with all the other MTL stuff.
I know there was some brew-hah on one of the Yahoo chat groups about these cars but gang save your comments until you see them, let me show you.

I did finish the Boradwalk & Fishing pier and buildings, they just need to be dull coated and there done.

I did find out the hard way but not too hard that I don't have to clear coat the structures before decaling; not sure if its a Z thing or MTL thing but when you apple the "Solvaset" it just doesn't sink the decals into the microply like the larger scales.

Nothing else comes to mind, still waiting on my bridges and waiting to hear from the Yahoo group about a power cable.

So until next time..............

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