Z track plan

Z track plan

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busier then ever, sorry

I just realized I have when I logged in I have not made an update since Christmas, yikes!
So much going and not enough time to do it all so something had to give and it was this.
there has been progress, not as much as I would like but I guess slow and steady is better then nothing at all.

Here are the 2 round houses that I thought I had completed, then I took them outside for some pictures and BAM, amazing how sun light can crush you. I have left the doors off until they are placed on the layout, then I'll hang them in the open position. They are another fine kit from "Nansen Street Models". Thankfully I hide the wires well enough so they didn't photo bomb me, I installed 2 lights in each structure.

Here is the lighthouse and other then the lighting affects and some touch up it is done also. I did discover while assembling it that MTL only gives you 5 legs, not knowing what hight is yet, I discovered that a round tooth pick was the perfect subsitution for the 6th leg.

I think thats about it for know, other then late May / early June has hit Chicago. The skies are clears, a nice SW breeze and its 80 degrees.

Until next time, everyone enjoy

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