Z track plan

Z track plan

Friday, September 23, 2011

Everything changes yet it stays the same

I uploaded the revised track plan, not that anything has changed but I moved some switches and added a coach yard. I also have placed two of the MTL piers/buildings but we all know how that goes. Finished some more buildings and still waiting on the bridges; has anyone out there ever ordered MBZ stuff, it looks really great but having to wait 8+ weeks for it is brutal.
The Ice House and Icing Platform; I will admit, one of my favorite structures so far.
For my nonmodeling friends, the platform is 8 inches long and 1 inch wide.

The packing house.

The REA freight station

My master model builders; Otis & Luka

The table is finished and the first layer of foam has been applied. One of Saturday's errands will be a stop at the blueprint shop. I've loaded the track plan onto a flash drive and will have them print it out on the large format plotter; 2 sheets of paper, they're 24" x 96" but still just two sheets.

I did not upload any of the table pictures, figuring everyone following this knows how it is done and most likely has there on method. The short version is this; I made my center cut out first, then along the back length I glued and screwed a 1 x 3 on edge, second board was the 2 x 3 length wise down the middle, my thought was wanting a tad more stoutness. Then glued and screwed the other perimeter boards. The boards in the field are also 1 x 3s glued and screwed on 12" centers width wise. The foam base was trimmed to fit and glued to the OSB top with Poly Seam Seal, one of my favorites. All the framing is glued with TiteBond 2 and screwed with #6 x 1 1/4 course thread drywall screws. No need to countersink because the screws will drive themselves flush.

Well thats about all I can think about for now, so untill next time...............

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